Animal & aqua feed testing

  Overview of animal feed: Animal feeds are feed products that livestock  (terrestrial and aquatic animals) are fed, drank, or added to the environment for aquatic animals to maintain growth, development, and production. Animal feed can be in the form of fresh, pre-processed, processed and preserved food, nutritional food, or functional food   Purpose of […]

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Additives Testing

  Purpose and testing needs of Food Additives: According to Vietnamese standard TCVN 5660:2010 (CODEX STAN 192-1995, Rev.10-2009) has defined: “Any substance that is not itself generally used as a food or is not used as a characteristic ingredient of a food, whether or not the additive has nutritional value. These substances are intentionally added […]

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Food packaging testing

  Importance of food packaging testing: Today the food industry is constantly evolving, leading to the development of the food packaging industry. Packaging is integral to protecting the food inside from bumps during transit, helping to protect the product from harmful contaminants, and ensuring quality throughout its shelf life. use. In addition, the packaging is […]

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Water testing

Importance of Water testing: According to the Community Environmental Research Center, about 70% of wastewater from industrial zones is not treated but discharged directly into the environment. Typically in Ho Chi Minh City, in rivers, the concentration of pollutants in the water exceeds the allowable standard (from 1.5 to 3 times). The situation of water pollution […]

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Meat & meat products testing

  Importance of meat and meat product testing: Meat and meat products are products of the agricultural industry, a source of protein, fat, and essential amino acids for the human body. In addition, it is also used as a raw material for the production of animal feed and aqua feed. In the process of raising […]

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Agricultural Products testing

  The importance of testing Agricultural products and agricultural products: Agricultural products are the products or semi-finished products of the commodity production industry through the cultivation and development of plants. Agricultural products include many groups of foods, fibers, fuels, raw materials, pharmaceuticals, and unique products. Agricultural commodities include a wide range of agricultural commodities such […]

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Seafood & Aquatic products Testing

  Importance of seafood and aquatic product testing: The fishery is a  general term referring to the resources and products brought to humans from the aquatic environment and exploited by humans, cultured,  harvested,  used as food, raw materials, or sold on the market. Vietnam is the third-largest seafood exporter in the world after China and Norway thanks to early […]

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Food testing

  Food testing is essential to the efficient creation of high-quality, secure products. Inspection is essential to ensure compliance with laws governing food safety and health protection since work is increasingly subject to stringent oversight. “ Food testing means the performance of one or more activities of testing and assessing the conformity with relevant technical regulations and […]

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Milk and dairy products testing

  Importance of milk and dairy product testing: Milk is created as an initial source of nutrition for animals before they can digest other foods. The main components of milk include protein, fat, sugar, vitamins and minerals, and water. Dairy products are foods prepared or obtained from the milk or milk-containing products of mammals. Dairy […]

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